8 Ways for Your Business to Stay Ahead During the COVID-19

In that regard, below are some strategies a business can consider weathering the COVID-19 storm.


Companies need to adapt to ensure that they stay afloat amid the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, some departments within these businesses will be impacted more than others. Therefore, there’ll be a need to redefine roles quickly.

Some actions include switching employees to different roles swiftly, trying innovative ways of delivering products/services, launching new solutions, and adopting flexible marketing strategies.

Streamline the Development Process

Introduce improvements, innovations, adaptations, and new approaches to ensure that the development process is at the peak, despite the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Software Development Team Management

A business should strive to improve the way it manages its development team amid the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 virus. For one, it should develop a single source of truth for all workers to eliminate the anxiety caused by the information from unreliable sources.

Furthermore, a business should have communication channels up and running at all times. This way, the business will ensure that the workers get regular and timely briefings on things that impact their duties during the COVID-19 crisis.

Online meetings are an excellent way of keeping employees armed with the latest guidelines regarding business operations and ensuring all workers are on the same wavelength regarding the current situation.

Update Policies

Businesses need to update their HR policies. For instance, given that the general public has been advised to stay at home, it makes sense for the HR department to tweak the recruitment policies. This way, the business can continue accessing top-notch talents to ensure optimal performance.

Apart from that, the business needs to update its sick policy and offer additional sick leaves to its employees in light of this devastating virus.

Service Delivery

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, a business must continue to deliver its products and services to customers consistently. Also, ensure that customer support services are always available on all digital platforms the business operates in, and the responses to client queries/ issues are sent out promptly.

Long-Term COVID Action Plan

A long-term CEO/CTO Plan for coronavirus is critical during this time of uncertainty. Every business must prepare for a number of various scenarios. Even after the globe recovers from COVID-19, companies will take time to bounce back.

Collaborate With Other Companies

Reach out to another business in a similar niche for collaboration during COVID-19. Forming collaborations with other companies during COVID-19 outbreak can keep customers interested and the business afloat.

These collaborations can help to gain new approaches, systems software, application software, solutions, leads, engage existing customers, and even stabilize revenue streams during COVID-19.

Final Thoughts

As the year wears on and governments continue to enforce more stringent measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, the situation is bound to get tougher for every business, including those in tech fields. So, the survival of any business solely depends on careful planning and fore thinking.

A ‘wait and watch’ approach is the surest way to fail in these devastating times, but following these tips, a business can keep afloat during the outbreak.

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Newxel Blog

Here we talk about tech news, management, leadership, IT recruitment, startups and development trends, and much more…

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