As we cooperate with lots of renowned technology companies and prospective startups from all around the world, we receive tons of questions about ins and outs of opening your own development office offshore as opposed to IT outsourcing concerns.

Offshore R&D center: an alternative to outsourcing

Needless to say that rapid technology changes cause a high demand for the IT workforce. It happens rather frequently that leading business hubs in the USA, UK, Germany, Israel, Australia, experience lack of locally available tech talents. …

Hire Unity 3D developers offshore
Hire Unity 3D developers offshore

Unity is the most popular game development platform, and Unity or Unity3D developers continue to be on high demand as the gaming market keeps growing rapidly. With this engine, coders can develop a wide array of cross-platform two- and three-dimensional games, simulations, and interactive realities. Currently, Unity supports the following platforms:

The demand for highly qualified senior Unity developers continues growing rapidly all around the world. The main reason for that is an aim to fulfill the dynamic gaming market trends with new solutions and technologies, implement the best gaming practices, and get ahead of competitors.

Shortage of required specialist cases that more companies go offshore and hire game engineers in the country with a vide tech talent pool (we will further highlight data and salaries in Ukraine as one of the counties with a vast pool of highly skilled programmers)

The Latest Gaming Technologies

Ukraine game developers are up to speed with the latest…

In that regard, below are some strategies a business can consider weathering the COVID-19 storm.


Companies need to adapt to ensure that they stay afloat amid the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, some departments within these businesses will be impacted more than others. Therefore, there’ll be a need to redefine roles quickly.

Some actions include switching employees to different roles swiftly, trying innovative ways of delivering products/services, launching new solutions, and adopting flexible marketing strategies.

Streamline the Development Process

Introduce improvements, innovations, adaptations, and new approaches to ensure that the development process is at the peak, despite the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Software Development Team Management


Despite the obvious differences, people still confuse IT Outsourcing and IT Outstaffing models. Therefore, we decided to shed light on the matter and find out your thoughts regarding each cooperation model.

IT Outsourcing or Custom Software Development

Outsourcing perceived by some people as an unreliable business model. Companies that offer outsourcing services have refused to use this term, having come up with a better name — Custom Software Development.

Outsourcing can be summed up in simple words: one of the business functions transferring to a third-party vendor. This can be development, testing, tech support, accounting, financial management, and other functions.

Perfect fit when a company or…

Yep! It is possible to make Agile and offshore software development work together. When the two are blended in the right way, an offshore Agile team can achieve spectacular results.

For Agile approaches to work with an offshore team, some best practices must be followed. Here are some of them.

Create Working Standards Beforehand

Before you begin implementing Agile in your remote team, it’s important to be prepared in advance. That is, lay the ground rules first. Ensure that everyone involved knows the standards, tools, and techniques that they’ll be using in the communication and the development procedure itself.

Set Up Three or More Communication Modes Early

An offshore Agile group ought…

TOP 5 Books every CTO should read
TOP 5 Books every CTO should read

Being a CTO is going with some challenges and a lot of things you should pay attention to…starting from the technical and business side to the hiring process and team management.

Check our guide to the most useful books that cover everything from entrepreneurship, software engineering, hiring, team retention and even firing.

Modern CTO: Everything you need to know, to be a Modern CTO

The book is very clearly based directly on the author’s personal experience receiving quite a lot of controversial feedback, but it still one of the most trending and useful guides for CTOs or developers who want to become a modern CTO.

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